Artist Statement

My work is a reflection on emotional memories from my past. These experiences are conveyed through paintings of wildlife and recognizable, domestic possessions. Realistic animals serve as indirect self-portraits, symbolizing the qualities of fragility, flight, and freedom. Vintage objects like Victorian birdcages, and antique furniture work against each animal’s agency and identity. By combining these subjects, my work creates new, personal metaphors and symbols. 


By employing a graphic, vintage style to an item, my work gives off a sense of nostalgia. Along with their graphic style, each inanimate object is painted in a single color to make them look flat and part of the past. In contrast, each animal is fully rendered in their natural colors, giving them a true to life appearance. Set against a solid background color, the work avoids a setting and places emphasis on the relationship between object and animal. By presenting these birds in a triumphant stance or close supportive positions, I’m able to reconcile emotional moments in my life.


When painting dual animals alone, the emphasis shifts to their dependent relationship. The animals are large in scale emphasizing their codependence to the exclusion of all else. Detailed fur and feathers, blended hues, add to the subjects’ realistic look. Again, a solid background color allows the subject matter its importance.